With increasing gas prices, car and air travel get more expensive each year. Train tickets are likely more affordable than plane tickets, with no additional fees for baggage or weight restrictions.



Train travel can be a luxurious way to see landscapes and watch the world pass you by while you relax. Most passenger cars have seats that are larger and provide more legroom than airplanes and you are free to get up and walk around. You can leisurely sit, read, work and write or visit with your travel companions in a comfortable setting. Some seats are configured where four people can face each other for easy visiting. For long trips cabins and berths can be purchased for a comfortable overnight sleep.



You can simply purchase your ticket and board and sometimes not have the hassle of customs mid-trip. For instance, when travelling from Vancouver to the US, the customs office is directly at the train station so it easy to walk through and board the train. If you travelled by coach you would be delayed at the border getting on and off the bus to go through customs, let alone the wait at the border.

Restaurants and café’s are also provided on the train for convenient meal options. You can then sit back and enjoy the train ride and take in the scenery instead of the stress of driving in traffic and parking. Train stations are often located in the heart of major cities so you do not have far to go to nearby accommodation and sights.



Travelling by rail promotes travelling together and reduces carbon emissions in vehicles.