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West Coast Rail Tours is part of the West Coast Railway Association, a non-profit society.

All commissions and income received go towards our mandate to collect, preserve, and exhibit railway artifacts our Heritage Park in Squamish.

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We are part of the West Coast Railway Association, a registered non-profit society incorporated in 1961, with the mandate to collect, preserve, operate and exhibit artifacts relating to the history of railways – with a focus on those of British Columbia. The WCRA has strong committed membership, self-sustaining operations and strong ties to the railway community.

The WCRA also operates the Locomotive 374 Pavilion where the historic CPR train (which pulled the first train into Vancouver in 1887) rests and is open daily to the public in a special pavilion at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown, Vancouver.

West Coast Rail Tours encourages the public to travel on today’s railways and see the country first hand and support the passenger rail travel industry. All commissions and income received on booking any travel goes towards railway artifacts at our Heritage Park in Squamish.

The West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish B.C. is an attraction that develops educational and entertaining exhibits on the heritage of the railways including a typical railway facility of the mid-20th century. It even has a mini-rail ride around the park!

The Heritage Park also boasts the new CN Roundhouse & Conference Centre , a 21,000 sq. ft. event space with up to four breakout rooms and a special reception area right next to the Royal Hudson.